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Audi Nyack Sales FAQ's and Answers.

Q1:  What do I need to return my lease? Do I need to get inspected beforehand? Do I need an appointment?
Answer:  In order to return your lease the only thing you will need is the registration, both keys and owners manuals.  You do not need to get it inspected before returning, however we strongly urge you to do so.  To schedule a lease end inspection please call 1-800-253-9026.  Appointments are recommended for your convenience.
Q2:  Can we conduct lease and purchase transactions via email/text/calls?

Answer:  Yes, that is actually our preferred method of conducting business. You can shop new and pre-owned inventory from our express website store, where you can also submit credit applications, reserve your deal and submit documentation needed for completing the deal. Click here to go to our express store

Q3:  Do you sell cars far away from the dealership such as Florida, Texas or California?
Answer:  Yes we sell vehicles all over the country! At Audi Nyack we know certain vehicles are one-of-a-kind. Our safe and secure way of completing these types of transactions are seamless. We can also arrange for transportation if needed. Transportation charges depend on where the vehicle will be going. 
Q4:  Do you do at home delivery or test drives?
Answer:  Yes, remote delivery and test drives are services we have been conducting even pre-COVID19. We are well versed in the mechanics of giving a great experience either in store or at the comfort of your own home.  We follow all CDC guidelines for your safety and that of our staff.  
Q5:  Is it possible to take a car home the same day? 
Answer:  Yes this is definitely possible. Provided we have all the necessary documentation and approvals, you can be on the road in your next Audi in no time at all!

Audi Nyack Service FAQ's and Answers.

Q1: Do you offer pick up and drop off service?
Answer: Yes we will drop off a courtesy loaner vehicle at your home or place of employment and pick up your Audi for service. Once we have completed your Audi service we will return the vehicle to you.
Q2: Do you clean the vehicle after servicing?
Answer: Yes the car is cleaned and sanitized following all CDC guidelines for your safety and ours.
Q3: Can I wait for a New York state inspection?
Answer: Yes, you can wait in our customer lounge while we complete your NYS inspection. We just ask you wear a mask as required of all customers and staff while in the dealership.
Q4: How often should I service my vehicle? 
Answer: Once a year or once you reach 10k miles whichever comes first.
Q5: When should my brake fluid get changed? 
Answer: Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years or 20k miles whichever comes first.

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